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Please run the Support Client and give tech the 9 digit ID.

Contact: Phone Number: 516-295-9555


Email Access: New Web Mail

Old Web Mail

iPhone Set Up:

  1. From the Home screen tap Settings.
  2. From the Settings menu, select Mail, Contacts and Calendars.
  3. Please remove current account first.
  4. Tap Add Account.
  5. Tap Microsoft Exchange.
  6. Complete the following fields, and then click Next.
  7. Email Enter your email address.
    Domain Leave this field blank.
    Username Enter your email address.
    Password Enter your email account password.
    Description Enter a description of the email address to display in the email account list on your iPhone.
  8. Tap Next
  9. If prompted for Server Enter
  10. Tap Next
  11. Select to synchronize Mail, Contacts, or Calendars by sliding to On.
  12. WARNING: If you select On to synchronize your Contacts, ALL contacts will be deleted from your iPhone.
  13. Click Save.